Production Wire EDM Machining

Precision Wire EDM Machining

Sodick AG400L Wire EDM

Every machine is supported by Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc.'s own in-house tooling capability, allowing us to maintain uncompromising accuracy at any volume level. Each machine's quick-change tooling is monitored by a proprietary computerized interface to monitor tool wear, maintain peak productivity and maximize quality. Our Production Wire EDM machining expertise allows us to create the particular tools required to cut our vast quantity of tried-and-true and exotic materials. The precision and accuracy of wire EDM production ensures that your parts are cut to your specs, so they can be delivered when you need them.

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  • Table travel(X and Y axis):  400mm X 300mm (15.75” x 11.81”)
  • Z axis travel:  250mm (9.84”)
  • Work table size (W X D):  636mm X 493mm (25.04” X 19.41”)
  • Linear motor drive –no ball screws
  • Wire diameters:  minimum O0.05 –  maximum O0.30mm  (0.002”-0.012”)

To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. customer service representative.

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