Military Spec Parts Machining

Above and beyond the call

Military spec parts machining by Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. is designed to meet the most demanding standards of the Military. To Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. this is more than a specification; it is a mission we accomplish with components that are precisely on spec, delivered exactly when you need them.


Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. is proud to have earned its stripes serving both military customers and defense contractors for more than half a century. The result is a set of benefits uniquely tailored to military needs:

  • Standards compliance - Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. professionals have deep experience complying with documentation and certification requirements, such as DFARS material source standards and compliant with ITAR controls.
  • Machining options - The exceptional precision of CNC Swiss machining, multi spindle automatics and CNC turning centers are interfaced with an Esprit CAD/CAM system to precisely produce the most elaborate geometries (complete equipment list)
  • Alternative materials - Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. is known for its ability to machine materials other manufacturers won't, including titanium, plastics and exotic alloys that meet the special requirements of advanced weapons systems.

You are invited to experience this mission-critical capability firsthand. Contact us for a prompt response to your military machining project.

Our Clients Say

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