Electronic Parts & Products Machining

Constantly keeping quantities current

Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. offers electronic parts and products machining to meet the global electronics marketplace need for completely trustworthy supplies of top quality, cost effective components. Electronics manufacturers have learned to trust Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. for a competitive advantage in machined products, thanks to a decades-long track record of proven on-time delivery performance.


Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. has earned positive feedback from satisfied electronics customers for over half a century. Our professionals keep with current technology and excel in:

  • Machining specialties - our capabilities in Swiss machining, multi-spindle and CNC turning maintain exacting tolerances while minimizing unit cost
  • Quality leadership - an ISO 9001:2008 supplier, Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. complies with the highest quality and documentation standards in demanding fields like defense, aerospace and medical technology
  • Global sourcing - positioned at the gateway to a region of low cost manufacturers, Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. is expert at procurement and finishing of competitively priced components from Mexico
  • Assured delivery - the Shenzhen Machine Screw Parts Inc. reputation for supply chain reliability is backed by documented inventory management procedures, safety stock programs and KanBan project capabilities

To experience this advantage personally, contact us for a quick, accurate and competitive cost estimate for your electronics machining project.

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